Verbal Self-Defense




Through an intensive training process, Master Gonzalez, with WarCats Taekwon-Do, has been certified as The Bully Expert for the Corpus Christi area, teaching students within the community how to apply professional-level verbal strategies to deflect verbal abuse and communicate effectively. Master Reymundo Gonzalez has completed college-level coursework in Verbal Self Defense, a methodology that employs tactics taught to crisis communications professionals. The course is credentialed through the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, a leading college for public safety. He will also receive ongoing support for his local initiatives, and be connected to a national network of trainers, led by Master Chan Lee, one of the developers of the program and a leading expert within the field of self-defense and communications for youth.

Topics discussed with students include:

  • How to avoid becoming a bully magnet
  • Blocking a verbal attack
  • Assertiveness training
  • Effective communication with teachers and administrator

The goal of Verbal Self-Defense is to avoid and prevent physical confrontations.