State Assessments


Texas Education Agency


Parents play a critical role in the success of a child’s education. As a parent, you can help your child achieve academic success on the STAAR exams by providing a lot of encouragement. It’s also important for your child to get plenty of sleep the night before, have a nutritious breakfast, arrive at school on time, and have two #2 pencils ready.

Please discuss the importance of the tests and test preparation with your children. Encourage them to put forth their best efforts. Let them know that you think they will do a great job because they are well-prepared. Send them to school with a positive and cheerful attitude. The STAAR tests are timed. Students must complete each test in four (4) hours. Encourage them to use their time wisely and apply the strategies taught by the classroom teacher.

In the effort to maintain a secure testing environment, some procedures will be in place. Please do not plan to bring food from outside to your child. Parents will be allowed to enter only the main office. Parents will not be allowed in classrooms or amidst the testing environments once the testing process has begun. Our goal is to have every child succeed. Your support could prove to be a very valuable tool in achieving this goal.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and, as always, appreciate your support.